Camera system for process optimization and quality assurance

Visual process control for your production



Depending on configuration and workflow, you may reduce the calibration time to a mere minimum.


Tools known to the system will be identified and then calibrated automatically. Manually targeting of each reflector will be obsolete.

Eye friendly

Workers are not irritated by a sudden flashlight. Flash and camera work in the infrared spectrum, invisible to the human eye.

More coverage

One single DTEC-PRO may cover the area of several projectors and identify multiple tools or molds. You don't need to equip each projector with a camera. 

Easy to retrofit

DTEC-PRO only need a software update to be retrofitted to existing systems. 


If there is a position deviation, a calibration of the CAD-PRO laser projector is automatically initiated and the projection adjusted if necessary.

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DTEC-PRO camera system for process acceleration

Learn about the function and application of DTEC-PRO

Features for quality assurance

Camera live image

The “Camera Live Image” function shows the PRO-SOFT user the field of view from the camera’s perspective. At start of production, this ensures that the tool is properly positioned in the field of view and the targets are visible to the camera. The correct position can also be checked during production. You always have your processes in view.

Virtual projection

In addition, the system delivers a virtual image of the real projection contour in realtime. The projection contour currently displayed by the CAD-PRO laser projector is automatically shown in the picture as a colored contour line. This enables permanent control of each projection step.

Saving images

Save high-contrast camera images optionally with the virtual projection in the database for your quality assurance. Image capture happens automatically when the projection is switched (in layer change). Operators can also manually capture images, by mouseclick in the PRO-SOFT or by remote control.

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