CAD-PRO Xpert laser projectors

Unbeatable laser projections of CAD outlines, templates, or patterns

Industrial laser projector with a powerful technology platform

Key figures
mm/m precision
mm/m precision
laser sources
laser sources
projection colors
projection colors
°C ambient temperature
< +50
°C ambient temperature


Increase efficiency

Modernize your work processes thanks to improved work ergonomics and laser projections of remarkable quality.

Avoid downtime

Experience peace of mind with the CAD-PRO Xpert advanced laser system with an individually selectable redundancy function.

See things differently

Benefit from the optional boost function and a new level of displaying information on your production lines' workpieces.

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Laser redundancy

CAD-PRO Xpert can be configured with a second laser source. A second laser diode in the same color provides optional redundancy, eliminating the risk of downtime due to replacing laser diodes and, thus, reducing costly repair and shipping.

Multi-color projections

CAD-PRO Xpert can project CAD data in up to six colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and magenta. In this way, you optimize work ergonomics and increase process reliability.

Homogeneous line quality

Experience laser projections of unparalleled quality. The CAD-PRO Xpert impresses with remarkably homogeneous line quality in all projection directions and an even brightness distribution over the entire projection surface.

Boost function

The optional boost function allows you to increase the intensity of laser lines, making it easier to see projections on workpieces, especially over long distances. Brilliant laser projections can be achieved even in challenging ambient conditions.

Network capability

The wired Ethernet interface ensures fast, reliable data transmission following high security standards. You benefit from fast projection changes thanks to Gigabit Ethernet and easy integration into your network via LAN cable.

Industrial housing

The industrial enclosure with a high IP rating ensures operation in demanding environments. The integrated cooling unit allows use in ambient conditions even up to +50 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the device is lightweight and compact in design, making it easy to install.



Laser color and wavelength Max. output power of laser source Max. power out per laser source Laser class
red (diode, 638 nm) 120 mW 30 mW, boost up to 60 mW 2 or 3B
green (diode, 520 nm) 100 mW 30 mW, boost up to 60 mW 2 or 3B
blue (diode, 450 nm) 100 mW 30 mW, boost up to 60 mW 2 or 3B

Technical Data


Dimensions [L × W × H] 340 × 110 × 110 mm
Weight 4 kg
Power supply 48 V DC, 3.5 A nominal
Repeatability*/** ±0,025 mm/m
Line width* 0,5 mm FWHM
Precision ±0.1 mm/m (S – Standard) or ±0.05 mm/m (HP – High Precision)
Projection angle 60–80° (adjustable)
Ambient conditions 5–50 °C, 35–85 % rel. moisture, non-condensing
International protection rating IP 55
Interfaces Wired Ethernet interface; Gigabit LAN; Data security according to TLS 1.2
* within ±30° projection area at a distance of up to 4 m, beam strikes surface vertically, unit is correctly focused and calibrated, at least 30 min. warm-up time ** Millimetres per meter distance from projector to surface
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