Patient positioning at the linear accelerator

Room lasers from LAP project lines and crosses for precise patient positioning on the linear accelerator.

Our lasers project the LINAC isocenter during patient positioning or quality assurance. Long, clearly visible laser lines save time when aligning your patient on the linear accelerator. Ultra-fine laser lines and crosses ensure highly precise treatment.

Exact positioning for successful treatment


More uptime

Room lasers from LAP are simple and quick to adjust, saving you time. Benefit from the stability of our room lasers and the resulting uptime. 

Secured reproducibility

You can always rely on our lasers, whether it is for repeat positioning of patients or phantoms.

Safety for your patients

Our laser projections are clearly visible and absolutely precise, even from longer distances within the room. Precisely projected laser lines allow you to position the patient accurately.

"Our laser systems support your individual workflow and ensure safety and reliability for the patients."

Fadi Abdullah, Sales Manager at LAP

Our services


We ensure that your lasers deliver the desired performance for years to come. You receive information about technology and service, and in addition to that, we offer cyclical inspection and maintenance of our systems.


Our worldwide service and partner network supports you anytime and anywhere with LAP authorized service engineers. Depending on the system, repairs will be carried out on-site or at LAP.

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