Motorized water phantom for commissioning and QA of bore-type LINACs

Key figures
minutes setup time
minutes setup time
mm accuracy
mm accuracy
mm/s travel speed
mm/s travel speed

Commissioning and quality assurance of your LINAC

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THALES 3D SCANNER in action at Radiologische Allianz in Hamburg

From set-up to measurement in just a few steps

Dr. Erich Gebhardt, Director medical physics, MVZ Meine Strahlentherapie Nürnberg GmbH

“Verification of the beam path is indispensable for medical physics. Thanks to its scanning area and compact size, the THALES system is perfect for the task!”



THALES 3D SCANNER was developed by LAP in collaboration with LINAC users and is a manufacturer-independent measurement tool for quality assurance. Compatible with most available detectors on the market today.


Integration of all workflows, from setup to data verification and storage, simplifies the comprehensive clinical tasks.


Selected hardware and software components ensure measurement system stability and accuracy, which significantly surpasses standard requirements.


THALES 3D SCANNER has successfully passed the European CE conformity assessment procedure and is cleared in the USA under 510(k) K200907.

Customizable and automated

Not only can you create individual measuring plans but you can also choose from predefined ones.

Easy to use

The water phantom and the THALES software can be used easily and intuitively ensuring efficient and productive workflows.

Levelling plate

Levelling plate

Use the levelling plate to position the phantom optimally on the couch. Due to the weight of the phantom filled with water the couch might tilt imperceptibly. But even a small tilt can have an impact. Easily compensate any deviations with the help of integrated bubble tubes.

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