Visual aid for alignment and cutting

Check the correct position using laser lines when processing foods

Line lasers facilitate the positioning of foods or containers for foods. Our line lasers fulfill all specifications for use in food production.

Application examples

Food production

Food production

The laser lines serve as a visual aid to ensure the correct positioning of foods and their containers on conveyor belts and at workstations. The exact positions of cutting lines can be projected to ensure accurate, rapid cutting. In addition, the visual alignment aid makes the conveyor belt procedure easier.

Our positioning lasers fulfill all hygiene and ambient conditions requirements for food production. This means the positioning lasers can even be used for wet operations and processing raw foods. The stainless-steel housing can easily withstand cleaning with water and chemicals thanks to its IP 67 protection class. In addition, the laser systems are highly robust, have IK10 impact resistance, and are especially durable.

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