Highest precision for high-performance tires

Pirelli Deutschland GmbH integrated the third generation of movable SERVOLASERs by LAP in its tire-building machines at its Breuberg location. Precision, reliability, and flexibility in the tire building process were the key factors in Pirelli’s decision.

Pirelli ensures flexibility and product quality in tire building with SERVOLASER systems by LAP. The positioning lasers have been successfully helping Pirelli maintain its high quality requirements for 20 years.
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The Application

Sven Beck, Pirelli Deutschland

“LAP SERVOLASERS are a perfect fit for our needs in terms of flexibility and product quality. Pirelli has relied on LAP’s laser positioning systems since the first product generation, and will continue to use them going forward.”


Increased process reliability

Laser sources with green diodes provide optimum visibility to the human eye on black surfaces. This minimizes errors, which further improves process reliability.

Lower rejection rate

The high accuracy of the laser position system minimizes errors, which leads to lower rejection rates in tire building.

Flexible manufacture

With the laser systems and their connection to the PLC, the tire manufacturer can react flexibly to any formulation change.

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