Positioning lasers for cranes and hoists

LAP’s positioning lasers provide visual positioning aid for safe storage, and the loading and unloading of goods.

Avoid costs arising from damaged goods. Our lasers minimize the risk of damage by ensuring the correct positioning of lifting equipment.

Visual position aid increases safety

Your benefits

Higher process reliability

Visual position control increases safety for personnel and goods. The precision within a millimeter range and good visibility of the laser lines ensure that your goods are positioned exactly as desired.

Cost savings

Prevent high costs from damaged coils. Avoid positioning errors that may cause collisions. The investment in the laser system pays off by minimizing rejects.


The lasers in the XtrAlign family are especially designed for use in harsh industrial environments as the robust stainless steel housing protects the laser source from any mechanical shock (IK10). This means high reliability for your processes and for your investment.

"Improved visibility reduces damage by allowing for the best possible positioning of the lifting equipment."

Johann Peters, Product Manager at LAP


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