Zero defects in wooden house construction

ARCABO, leading manufacturer of winter-proof chalets, uses LAP’s CAD-PRO laser projection system in prefab house production at its Nieuwleusen plant.

Thanks to the laser projection system, ARCABO has been able to measurably reduce production time and increase quality.

The application

In use at ARCABO's Nieuwleusen plant

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Rijk Houthuijzen, General Manager, ARCABO

“We are convinced of the benefits of LAP’s laser projection system. Production quality and efficiency have increased measurably.”


Increased production quality

Due to the omission of manual measurements error rate is reduced to zero.

Reduced production time

The laser projection systems allows faster working. Operators just need to start the laser projection and can get to work right away.

Higher efficiency

The time to create a drawing is shortened by 20 minutes per chalet.

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